Is THAT why they call it Laughing Gas?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

A trip to the dentist has never been this fun before!

Ok… I admit it that I am one of those people that cries in that recliner even during a cleaning. But, today I had my first experience with Nitrous commonly called Laughing Gas. Why did it take so long! This product was made for me! The ugly plastic nose thing is put across my face… I am breathing deeply that crisp cool odorless gas with headphones on listening to Rescue Blues by Ryan Adam… ” Everybody wants you to be special… And everybody wants you to be high” and in no time I was high. For those of you that know me…. I avoid that kind of feeling.. two glasses of a sweet wine is my limit.

So I’m in a prone position with rose colored glasses (maybe they were and maybe they weren’t rose colored… my imagination was running wild). I was in my own little world. I started laughing… just laughing out loud… with tears in my eyes.. can the dentist really be this kind of trip? Then I was talking, of course.. and with the headphones and the gas.. I had to speak loudly… woke up all the other patients in the place.. remember when there were actual walls between patients. Now they have you face a window and let you think you are alone. Just cause I was talking doesn’t mean anyone could understand me. I had a rubber damn in my mouth. Ugh.. doesn’t that even just sound awful? And… mumble… yep.. that is what I did… mumble and gurgle.

The dentist, Jeff, who I am sure we are on first name basis now since he is only a tad older than my son, looks deep into my eyes.. with the wierdest glasses. He speaks directly to me.. as the Beatles Lyrics “Love Love Love” resound in my head. I was all his…

He drilled and scraped. That old filling was outta there. Good riddin’s to that mercury… I always knew the temperature with my own thermometer in there! Soon when I open my mouth which I do often, my teeth will all be white.

The time seemed to go by so quickly…

Tony Bennett started crooning… as Jeff started pulling out the dental floss….

“Ive got the world on a string

I’m sitting on a rainbow

Got the string around my finger

What a world, what a life – I’m in love.

Life’s a wonderful thing

As long as I hold the string

Id be a silly so-and-so

If I should ever let her go”

and then I heard the words.. “time to turn off the gas.” I wanted to cry … it was all like a dream. I didn’t remember an experience at the dentist quite like that.