What would the “Jetson’s” think?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

the jetsonsWhen I was a kid watching my favorite cartoon, “The Jetson’s” I used to imagine what the world would be like in the future.  Though I am a bit disappointed that I am not flying around in a crazy copter with a robotic maid and wearing those cute little creations that Judy wore… I am happy with where we are today.  The Seattle Space Needle was used as inspiration and I get to ride on the Monorail.  But, what George never really imagined was the internet and cell phone technology.  My life completely revolves around what is happening online.  I am completely lost without my cell phone and internet connection.  As I sit here writing a class about the future of the real estate industry, I have to imagine paperless transactions and video conversations.  But, wait!  We have those now.  What could be next?