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Hearts for Ladybug House

Monday, February 7th, 2022

I love painting hearts... and when they can be given as a thanks for a donation... that is even better!  Ladybug house is a non profit organization.  The mission is to build a house for children who are struggling with life threatening illness.  It will be a bridge between hospital and home.  There are times that they cannot go home because they need specialized nursing care, or their home isn't suited to their needs, or the family is struggling, or they live too far away.  So many spend their last days or months in the hospital.  The family is bound by visiting hours, nourishment from vending machines, and wanting to be together.  As Ladybug House builds the capital campaign, Ladybug house has outreach programs to help families with children with serious life threatening illness. Suzanne Gwynne started Ladybug House after 35 years in nursing mostly in pediatric oncology care.  I have worked on so many programs and have been helping from the start about 6 years ago.    If you can, have a heart and donate.  Those who do will receive a hand painted heart.  My fundraiser runs until February 14, 2022.  Thanks!  Natalie    

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Flowers cover the Walls Art Show

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Come by the 14 Carrot Café at 2305 Eastlake in Seattle and see the wall of flowers!  I have hung over a dozen paintings on the walls on July 16th.  They are all for sale and you can pay for them here using the buy now link.  Thanks o Terry for giving me this opportunity o hang my work!  Her restaurant is know for the "Best Breakfast in Seattle!"

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Group Art Show in Ballard

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

I'm thrilled to be working with Karen and Jane presenting some of our mixed media, encaustic and paintings in a group show at Blowing Sands in Ballard on 58th and 14th on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday April 19th. Come by and visit!

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Let there be more sun and warmth

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Springtime has come early to the Pacific Northwest.  The feel of the warm sun on my cheeks just brings me joy.  Because of the unseasonably warm weather, the flowers are blooming early. I spent the day up in the Skagit Valley taking photos of daffodils on a gorgeous day. I don't think I could have caught a nicer afternoon!

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Mooooo… Appreciating Cows

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

The first time I remember seeing a cow was in the Chicago Lincoln Park zoo in the farm animal section.  Of course from the time we are little we learn the sounds animals make and where mild comes from.  I am just not the type to have a "relationship" with an animal... as cute as people think they are... I just don't relate.  But, I love taking photos of interesting creatures.  The big dark eyes with long lashes on cows just seem so expressive.  Grabbing my camera on Friday, I drove up to Snohomish County with a girlfriend and she drove by several farms with aging pastel barns and fields of cows quietly peacefully hanging out.  Then I come to find out it is actually "National Cow Appreciation Day" and I was there to photograph these beautiful animals!  

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Becoming an Activist in the Community

Friday, June 27th, 2014

We are told that our voice is heard.  I go to community and government meetings when I can.  I learn about the most current issues, find out about the events and meet others in the area or with similar interests.  I go because I hope that my voice is heard because for every person that goes to meetings and comments, there are hundreds ... probably thousands ... of people that do not show. This week I attended the Westlake Stakeholders Group in Seattle.  I have a vested interest in the changes ahead as the Seattle Dept of Transportation creates a plan to redo the Westlake parking and walkway to accommodate more bicyclists and pedestrians in a better designed path.  This will eliminate a good portion of the parking affecting the businesses, those that live aboard boats or floating homes, and boaters.  With all the comments and emails tabulated, the Dept of Transportation said that safety is the number one concern from the stakeholders.  I find that interesting because thousands of people are affected.  They may have written about the parking concerns, ingress and egress, commuters parking, and even the cyclists and pedestrians commented ... etc..  and added the safety issue. ...

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LOOK UP! Seattle Architectural Walking Tours

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

One day I signed up to go on a walking tour of the skyscrapers in Seattle by myself.  I learned so much about the city.  At the end, the guide said they are looking for more volunteer guides... so I signed up, did the training and now I have been leading tours! Often when we head into the city we forget to LOOK UP!. We are so busy looking for parking, trying to find out which streets are one way, and avoiding pedestrians like we are playing a video game.  Each building contributes to the history of the city and how we interact with the built environment can have an impact on our experience in Seattle, today. The information on the tour is relevant for real estate agents so I had it approved for continuing education. For more information about the tours, contact me!

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What would the “Jetson’s” think?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

When I was a kid watching my favorite cartoon, "The Jetson's" I used to imagine what the world would be like in the future.  Though I am a bit disappointed that I am not flying around in a crazy copter with a robotic maid and wearing those cute little creations that Judy wore... I am happy with where we are today.  The Seattle Space Needle was used as inspiration and I get to ride on the Monorail.  But, what George never really imagined was the internet and cell phone technology.  My life completely revolves around what is happening online.  I am completely lost without my cell phone and internet connection.  As I sit here writing a class about the future of the real estate industry, I have to imagine paperless transactions and video conversations.  But, wait!  We have those now.  What could be next?

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The Moon Rising over Lake Union

Friday, June 6th, 2014

When the moon is rises over Capital Hill on a clear night, it just shines its glow across Lake Union. Our city is surrounded by water, so we are fortunate for the variety of views of its reflection on the lakes and sound. I was alone on the dock shivering a bit as I took the photos.  In some ways, this sight is as great as fireworks!  It's all natural and changing by the minute.  But there was no fan fare... no crowds.. in fact I could see no other person out taking in the sight. The Space Needle just to the southwest is also all lit up glowing like a beacon over the city.  

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Pop the Hood

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

“Pop the hood, Maaam,” the kid at the gas station barks. Now of course, those words are only heard in Oregon gas stations where you are not allowed to pump your own gas. Now that is my kind of state! You can’t pump gas but you can decide what method of execution if on death row. (more…)

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